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Places with Plenty of Jobs for 2012
Friday, December 30, 2011

Most people are ready to say "so long" to 2011 and welcome in the new year with all its new possibilities. While the unemployment rate has gone down, there is still a large amount of people who are on the hunt. Depending on where you look there will be more opportunities in some places over others.

One of these main industries that has been going on strong since 2009 and will continue to stay that way is social services. A career in social services encompasses many types of jobs. It was stated in a recent article that there were over 121,000 online job ads for the following careers between January and November of just this year. Let's have a look at some of the others.

FIREFIGHTER. Despite the risk factor that may deter many people from choosing this career path, there is still the attraction of the rewarding feeling of the job. Those who care a great deal about their communities find this line of work fulfilling and enjoy saving people's lives from dangerous situations. Not to mention the help they do for the environment. Becoming and being a firefighter is tough and it takes a lot of hard work to get though the academy. You'll know soon enough whether this was the right choice for you if you make it through the training without your desire completely diminished.

URBAN PLANNER. Urban planners typically find jobs working for the government as about 66% of them are employed by local governments. This type of job is best for people who want to promote growth and add mor life to communities. People who care for the environment and sustaining a harmonic way of life tend to do very well in this profession.

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST. These professionals are the ones who coordinate disaster and crisis management along with the training required for these types of situations. These jobs can be found at power facilities, hospitals or even in higher places like the government or national or local disasters.

CLERGY. Most people forget that there are jobs out there that tie in with ways of life, not just forms of making a living. People who want a career that will keep them close to their faith can find schools where they can ecome a member of clergy in their place of worship. And this doesn't mean the job is exlusive to the church. Clergy jobs branch out into fields such as religious organizations, home health care, hospitals, commmunity house, emergency relief services and community elderly care.

SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHER. Being a special education teacher requires having a bachelor's degree in teaching to go with the necessary certifications. These types of teachers work with special needs students to help them grow in an environment where optimal learning can be achieved. Special education teachers are just as vital to the educational system as any other instructor and have unique skills in working with children.

EDUCATION ADMINISTRATOR. The nature of this job is managing the daily activities in a variety of institutions including: schools, preschools, day care centers, and colleges and universities, educational business programs and job training, correctional facilities, and museums. Because the degree for this profession incorporates such a wide range of occupations, many will realize that they need different qualifications anywhere from basic training to to an advanced degree. Over 12,000 jobs ads were posed in this category during the last three months.

MEDICAL and PUBLIC HEALTH SOCIAL WORKER. Social work helps people improve their quality of life. People who are passionate about helping others in need are very suitable for this career. A bachelor's degree is required but can be used in a variety of areas in the field. Social work has many diverse sectors ranging from working in hospitals and schools, or as a family case worker for the local government.

MARRIAGE and FAMILY THERAPIST. Therapists are highly sought after as they help people manage and cope with their mental health which aide in preventing certain issues from building up. In recent years there has been more advocation for people to take care of not only their bodies but their minds as well. In tough times where families start feeling stressed out, seeking the help of marriage and family therapists can take away some of the tension.

COURT REPORTER. Since 2010, there has been a 78% increase in the need to fill these positions. Certification is needed but upon receiving it chances of finding a job are likely. It can be quite interesting to learn about the inner workings of the U.S. judicial system and how it provides justice for its citizens. A court reporter creates verbatim transcripts of speeches, conversations, legal proceedings, meetings, and other events.

MEDIATOR. Mediators are the people who facilitate the negotiation and settlement between disputing parties. They act as the middle man to help give direction and encouragement to the involved parties. They also establish a collaborative effort to reach a mutual solution and are essentially a kind of peacemaker.

These are some of the careers that will have bountiful positions for 2012 and are a good place to start in next year's job search. It's good to do as much research as possible to ensure knowing all the necessary information and requirements before applying. Being prepared is always your best bet.
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