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Career Corner
A New Kind of New Year's Resolution
Tuesday, December 27, 2011

This year make your New Year's resolution different than the others. Common ones include losing weight or health improvement, saving money, abolish bad habits, or working on personal relationships.

But among these, where does your career fit in?

A New Year's resolution is a great way to start giving your career some TLC given the high unemployment rate coupled with widespread underemployment.

Launching or advacing your career can actually help you out in other departments by securing a sense of financial stability. Without the worries of where you'll be getting your next paycheck, you can have time to focus on the other aspects of your life that you feel need some work. Here are some tips to help your career in 2012:

First and Foremost, A Focused Resume: Make sure your resume is focused on the job description. We all know that employers go through a lot of resumes a day so by fitting resumes to the job description, the impact will be significantly greater than a generic one. No employer will complain about receiving a resume that gives them exactly what they need so take the time to put a little extra effort in engaging the employer.

Get In the Game: An easy way to get noticed is by simply monitoring your online presence or checking out the competition's activity. These are ways you can make a conscious effort in doing things before encountering problems and are an uncomplicated way of boosting your image and career.

Cliques Aren't Just for High School: More and more employers are turning to niche social communities, both online and offline, in search of the best and most qualified candidates. Get connected with personal and professional friends in talent communities that engage in interaction and sharing. Being active in these communities will increase your chances of getting noticed on an employer's radar.

Remember Your Roots: In a futuristic age, make a point to hang on to job search basics. Keep a clean and updated resume and cover letter and don't substitute a genuine thank you note with an email. Using old fashioned tactics can be refreshing and remind employers that there are those out there who haven't given up traditional ways.

What are your thoughts on a career-related New Year's resolution?
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