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Career Corner
From Social to Successful
Monday, December 05, 2011

You may have been told at some point that it's not about what you do, but who you know. In the work force, this is very true. While obtaining a job does heavily depend on your qualifications, having an extensive network can be highly advantageous and greatly improve your chances of landing an interview and subsequently, a job.

The more people you know within a particular field will give you a longer list of good references and better recognition. Employers will see that you are more involved in your career aspirations by the amount and types of people you reach out to. This also gives you the added bonus of sharing information with others about employement news. Using your people skills in and out of the workplace helps get you noticed. Just make sure it's good attention. Here are some ways to start filling up your rolodex:

Create a list to guide you along the way. Think of the type of position you're after and who in the business you want to target. Why do you want to meet them and in what ways can they help you in finding and obtaining the position you're looking for? Getting all this down before you start making any moves will help you make smarter decisions about who to network with and why. This will keep you from going all over the place and mixing with random people irrelevant to your specific goals. You want to make ever connection count.

Prepare things to say at a moment's notice. Have an idea of the impression you want to make on the person you're addressing and keep your subject matter focused on the important key points like why you want the job and what skills you have to contribute. Don't exaggerate or over-embellish. You want to remain honest and sound like you know what you're talking about otherwise people will not take you seriously. Also, keep it short and simple. Just get your message across without getting carried away and bragging or becoming boring .

Online networking are an extremely useful resource for job seaches. Get your resume out there and allow people to find you. Among the numerous sites available for finding jobs, there are also ones intended for specific job types that can make your search easier. Don't limit yourself to only certain resources though, you end up limiting your chances of meeting people with the right information.

Do research on where to go to put your plan to the test. Find out when career fairs are going on or social functions that pertain to the people within your preferred industry. Whether you're looking to move up or move on, you need to know where the people you want to follow are and how to reach them. Conventions and seminars are also helpful in that they bring together individuals with the same interests. Consider yourself as somewhat dating within an industry and like any single, you need to put effort in getting back on the market.

Take into consideration some of the people you know or reflect on the past jobs you've had in your life and think about how those jobs were obtained in the first place. Somewhere in there, someone else had to have lent a helping hand. Networking has become a way of life; an inevitability where knowing the right people in the right places can get you through the right door.
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