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Career Corner
5 Ways to Help Get Through Being Laid Off
Thursday, January 26, 2012

1) Stay calm and take a long deep breath. This may be hard, understandably, as being laid off in a tough economy is up there on the list of bad news a person can receive. But remember that it wasn't your fault, being laid off and being fired is different. You have more of a chance of finding a new job since losing your last one was out of your control.

2) You're now self-employed. You get to be your own boss in your new job of finding your next opportunity. Take it seriously and don't use this time for an extended vacation. Carry over the momentum from your last job into finding the next. Join networking groups, create a social media presence and utilize all and any resource you can that can connect you to employers and job opportunities.

3) Work with an outplacement firm or recruiter. These are valuable resources for getting help with your resume, networking, and sharpening your interviewing skills. Some people may be uncomfortable with having to sell themselves to employers so these are great places to practice these skills and make sure you're ready to get back on the market.

4) Be in control of your finances. Find someone to help you, like an independent planner, that has expertise in working with people in this this transitional period. Planning out your financial future will help you stay out of getting to money trouble. The future is unpredictable so you want to be prepared for whatever happens. Plan for the worst so even if you do find a job shortly after, you'll still have a handle on your finances.

5) Stay positive. This is probably the most important thing to do. The attitude you have during this time will directly affect the outcome of your situation. People can read through your feelings and even if you're trying to mask your negativity, they can pick up on that as well. Maintaining an optimistic outlook on your future will lead to proactive choices and get you to where you want to be. Keep in mind that you can't have ups without downs, so even though things are looking low now, remember that they are bound to pick up.
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