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4 Easily Accessible Careers
Thursday, January 19, 2012

The holiday season is over and done until the next which has many job hunters back on the prowl. Many people have been out of work for a while now, and with so many places to apply in so little time they are wondering where to even begin the search. Even as the economy maintains its gradual recovery out of the recession, there are still some sectors that will fall behind in their comeback.
Sectors like the housing, banking and investment markets are seeing little growth and leave many job categories struggling to create new opportunities for job seekers. On the other side of this, many niche jobs have been adding workers to their payrolls and are expected to continue this positive incline. Take a look at some of the top careers that you can enter from the ground up along with the required skills to get things started.

The aging population across the country has sparked a job creation to assess the rising needs of health and in-home care services for the elderly. The duties included in these jobs are cleaning, preparing meals, and transportation services. Private local businesses will be hiring, and many national franchise companies will offer a full suite of services from a coporate level. The skills needed to work in the industry fall lower in priorities to having a clean background and the genuine desire to help others.

Talks about the health care needs of the aging baby boomer generation have been in the air for so long many are already tired of hearing about the topic. But the reason it's so talked about reflects just how relevant it is to the job market. Some health professions that may not be able to forecast how the Obama healthcare legislation will play a role in the supply and demand, but a new wave of nurses will most likely be needed despite what happens.

Nurses make an annually pay ranging from $77,000 to $100,00, according to Nursing school can takes years to get through but nursing assistants can ear accreditation within months. Those with limited means and resources can take that route in saving time and money to learn new skills as a viable to alternative to the higher-paying registered or licensed nurse.

Home healthcare arrangements and nursing homes will be wanting to put these workers on their payroll and some may offer hiring bonuses and appealing benefits packages. Wages for nursing assistants have a wide range and usually reach a high of $30,000 a year.

Even though the recession eliminated many middle management positions nationwide, the sales team at most companies are generally feelling more pressure to do better. Sales people are very crucial to a company as they are the ones bringing in the money. As such, companies are more willing to compensate these positions well. Those who are highly driven and have a desire to deliver, sales positions are very suitable in making big bucks for these efforts.

Sales job requirements vary among companies and so do the categories of degrees. But with an eagerness to learn and a the ability to prove it also counts and can even make it for other lacking areas in some cases. Sales apply to most if not all companies so wages are extremely varied for these jobs.

These may not be the most attractive or glamorous jobs but the demand is there for those willing to put in 10-hour days and literally get their hands dirty. Construction and manufacturing jobs are still getting by and at this point giving anyone a shot who doesn't mind working hard to make a modest living. With the housing market in the dismal state that its in, the focus had shifted away from home construction. But plenty of markets are seeing steady growth in some areas of the country.

Places that deal with chemicals, specialized parts and plastics are looking for some helping hands. This is one of those industries where the saying, "No pain, no gain," can apply. The crazier your work schedule, the bigger pay off you can expect.

Steady jobs this year may not be the ones that we dream of, but they will put food on the table. Preparation for these jobs will help you get to the top of the resume stack and workers can find themselves with a reliable, honest paycheck.
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