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Career Corner
3 Career Myths Debunked
Monday, April 02, 2012

People with all different kinds of professional backgrounds will offer career advice that they've come up with over the course of their own.

Since these insights are coming from a particular experience they can't always be applied to wide-range of circumstances. This doesn't mean that the advice isn't good, as they usually come from successful people, it's just that it may be more useful to some more than others.

Amidst all the advice being thrown at you, there will be some fallacies mixed up in the jumble--things that once were but are no longer relevant. To help weed out some of the less helpful stuff, for anyone, here's a compilation of career advice that are more career myths:

It's All About Who You Know.
This one is somewhat 50/50. In some cases, who you know will help but that doesn't make it the determining factor. Even though some places will be more lenient toward qualifications it's more likely that they will take your job skills more into account than your connection at the company. Companies want the balance between likeability and capability but if they had to chose one or the other, they would certainly choose the latter. For any job, you want to show that you can fit comfortably as if you already were acquainted with the team, but the charisma needs to have the skills and abilities to back it up. Realistically, it's all about YOU.

Kissing Up Will Move You Up.
Never in a million years. Kissing up is the most obvious way of showing you're incompetent. Trying to get on someone's good side through flattery shows that you're lacking some way to do it through performance. Confidence in yourself and your work is the surefire way of getting noticed and respected. Kissing up is not only ineffective but actually more annoying to the person you're doing it to. Avoid it altogether to make sure you don't get on the wrong foot with your boss and colleagues.

Work and Play Must Be Separate.
Nope. In fact, the best kind of work is the one that allows you to play while you're at it. You can have fun and enjoy yourself at work and you should. Many people end up in their careers because they find the work to be fulfilling and enjoyable rather than just the money aspect. Things like working with animals, taking care of the elderly, or even sales. Different people find different things to be rewarding and there are plenty of occupations out there that can offer that feeling. Find the place that's right for you and getting out of bed in the morning will never be a drag.
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